The John Glenn School of Public Affairs at The Ohio State University is one of the country's leading institutions for the development of leaders for public service.

The school needed to unify the visual message, content organization, editing and branding of its many publications and
Web site.

Here are the solutions for their Web site, recruitment brochure and handouts.


The Web site is the gateway to the school. Now, the Glenn School site is a brochure site. A complete re-thinking of what content goes on the site, with an emphasis on using the Web’s video, audio capacity, along with more immediate and urgent postings, will turn it into a destination site. We are adding student video blogs, videos on campus life and the social scene in Columbus, Ohio.

The redesign will keep students, alumni, faculty and staff returning daily to get updates and use the site's resources to keep up with all the events and changes going on at the school.



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roll over photo.
Recruitment brochure
The Glenn School has a compelling story of successful students, faculty and alumni.
Using them to tell that story will show the reach,
innovation and leadership the school offers.
Inside pages 8 - 9.
One-page handouts

Many of the one-page handouts have turned into multiple page handouts. These will be edited and images that help tell the story will become part of the design of the single page.

gleen Now
Current Web site
ols inside
Old pages 8 - 9
Old handouts