Annistine Patrick

A self-described "organizer," Annistine Patrick is the person to see if you want anything done in the East End. That is one of the reasons police officers come by her house to hear what she thinks about some of their initiatives. Unlike many of her neighbors, she feels the police are on the right track and are making gains against the violence.


19-year-old Travis spends his days watching the street.

Sam's Barbershop

At Sam's Barbershop everyone has an opinion on gangs, no snitching, the police and living in the East End.

Bernard Robinson

Community activist Bernard Robinson explains the East End.

Annistine Patrick

Asnistine Patrick sees the differences between 40 years ago and today.

Community Meeting

Newport News police meet with East End residents.

Gun Buy-Back

As part of their program to make the East End safer, Newport News police buy back guns.

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